IIW Minnesota

Sartell Votes in Support of New Community Vision for Schools

Months of planning, learning and creating a vision together as a community led up to a successful referendum vote in the community of Sartell, Minnesota. A community visioning committee developed the plan that includes a new 289,000-square-foot high school, remodeling the current high school to a middle school, transforming the existing middle school into an intermediate school for grades 3-5 students, and remodeling two elementary schools.

Sartell High SchoolThe group developed the plans after understanding the crowding at each of the district’s schools, the current growth and projected needs for the future. The total cost is $105.8 million for the five-year project that begins this summer.

IIW Minnesota partnered with Cuningham Group Architects to work alongside the community visioning committee and with the Sartell-St. Stephen School District. Cuningham Group Architects and IIW Minnesota will provide architectural and structural services for the project.

IIW Minnesota will be responsible for all of the work at the two elementary schools, and for most of the work at the current middle school, and will serve as the architect of record for these schools.

“As a member of the local community, I am excited about what this project means for youth today and into the future,” said David Leapaldt, senior architect and leader of IIW Minnesota. “This will make a significant difference in the ability for Sartell-St. Stephen Schools to deliver 21st Century education to their students. We are grateful for all the support that everyone has given us as through this process, and look forward to seeing this community vision unfold.”

Programming and schematic design work on the new high school will begin this summer, with occupancy of the school scheduled for Fall 2019. The work on the two elementary schools will begin later this summer, with that construction scheduled for Summer 2017.

The middle schools work will be completed over the next three summers, and the remodeling of the existing high school will start design in either 2018 or early 2019 with occupancy of the building as a middle school in the summer of 2020.