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What’s the One Step Schools Should Take When Building?

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What Does It Really Cost to Make School Facility Changes?

When community members hear "21st century learning," they see dollar signs. I often hear school administrators and board members say, “Yes, all these ‘new ideas’ sound great. We’d love to do them,... > READ MORE

Does Your School Make These Common Planning Mistakes?

We’ve all seen a school facility building process go astray or not deliver the end result the school district – and its families – were hoping for. It’s disheartening because we know school facilities... > READ MORE

Facility Maintenance Funding: How to Invest It Wisely

The clear inequities in the deferred maintenance formula for school facilities have long made it challenging for Minnesota K-12 schools to keep their facilities maintained – let alone get ahead. Some... > READ MORE

4 Ways to Make Our Schools Smarter

Schools are not built like the one I attended or even sent my oldest children to. They are changing. We’re becoming smarter. We know that the environments we learn and work in affect how we perform.... > READ MORE