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Is Your School Positioned for Change?

As we begin another school year and the class of 2029 walks into school for the first time, I can’t help but think of the future and the opportunity to start fresh. It’s the time of year where we think... > READ MORE

Helping Leaders Anticipate the Future Today

As I work with young architects today, I can’t help but imagine the world they will create. Architects have long been innovators, working to reimagine the spaces we live, work and play in. But in today’s... > READ MORE

Finding the Best Way to Meet Your Growing Space Needs

I recently was talking through the growth challenges and next steps for a business. They are out of space and continued growth is on the horizon. Leadership initially thought they would expand or build... > READ MORE

4 Questions to Ask When Creating Your Facility Vision

In education and elsewhere, leaders too often start with the “what” – What do we want to build? – or the “how” – How will we build it? But the first, and most powerful, question to answer... > READ MORE

What’s the One Step Schools Should Take When Building?

A successful school bond referendum takes more than creating an appealing rendering and smart building plan. Who’s behind it matters. And I’m not talking about the architect or the superintendent or... > READ MORE