IIW Minnesota

St. Cloud Technical High School

St. Cloud, MN

St. Cloud Technical High School

The new St. Cloud Technical High School will feature six integrated learning communities that support a variety of learning styles and foster global preparedness. The facility, set to open in the fall of 2019, includes a combination of science and project labs as well as spaces for flexible learning, small group collaboration and collaborative teaching. The new school will accommodate 1,600 students in grades 9-12.

The building’s design, developed through a partnership between Cuningham Group Architecture and IIW Minnesota, was inspired by the site’s diverse landscape which includes woodlands, granite outcroppings and a designated trout stream. The design team nestled the building along the north woodland edge and each of the learning neighborhoods will open and be connected to the woods and stream, providing a connection to nature from any location in the school.

The new high school’s design reflects the belief that learning can happen anywhere and students thrive when provide diverse educational opportunities.The site inspired an environmental studies curriculum and the building will include designated outdoor learning spaces. Career and technical education spaces will be integrated throughout the building.

At the heart of the school is a two-story commons area that features walls of glass overlooking the landscape. In addition to school functions, the large space is intended to be used for community events.

Voters approved construction of the new school in November 2016. “I’ve been working with the district regarding the future of Tech High School since 2005,” said David Leapaldt, senior architect and project manager at IIW Minnesota. “It’s gratifying to see all the planning coming together and to see the new high school start construction. It will be a phenomenal school for students and staff, and an asset to the community.”