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Planning for Schools

Planning for Schools

David A. Leapaldt

Facilitator, Planner, Senior Architect
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We believe in schools and want to help them gain the tools they need to understand their current space and create a basis to plan and develop spaces that inspire learning and achieve their goals. It is our desire to make it easy for school leaders to get started now. So, we keep the costs reasonable and focused on delivering key results for schools.

We come along schools to help them assess their facilities and shape action plans to achieve better outcomes for students, staff and the community. These engagements can begin with building or include multiple facilities in your school district.

STEP 1: Discovery
We take the time to understand your school, the facilities you have and where you experience challenges and see opportunities. This includes taking a guided tour of your spaces following a process where we gather a variety of information from you.

STEP 2: Strategic Planning
During this strategic planning session, we guide your leadership team through a proven approach to shaping an impactful vision that aligns your educational programs and goals with your physical facility design.

STEP 3: Assessment
We provide a report that communicates the outcomes of the facility assessment, compares your visions and strategic plan to your existing facilities and provides recommended next steps.

STEP 4: Priorities & Action Planning
We share the results of the assessment with your school leaders and facilitate an action planning session to help them prioritize next steps before delivering a final report.


  • Jumpstart Building Vision
    Whether you’re looking to bring together your leadership team or members of your community, we can initiate an effective planning process. Our team of planning facilitators bring our proven approach to assist your school in creating a vision that aligns your educational programs with your physical facility design.
  • Space Utilization Assessment & Report
    Wondering where you have opportunities to better use space in your school facilities? Engage our team to uncover any ways to make the most use of your physical spaces. Receive a report that clearly illustrates which spaces are underutilized, fully utilized or over-utilized based on industry benchmarks and provides a roadmap for the future.
  • Facility Optimization
    The best organized spaces can meet the most needs. We assess your facility and determine what steps you can take to optimize your spaces based on your needs. You’ll gain a report that shows where you stand, how you compare to benchmarks and practices getting results for schools.
  • 21St Century Learning Assessment & Opportunity Map
    We all want to create environments that ignite learning and empower students. Engage our team to identify ways your spaces can be transformed to provide 21st century learning. We’ll help you weigh the benefits and how to determine costs so you can make the best decisions for your students.
  • Community Engagement Training
    Get the training and tools proven to effectively engage community members and work collectively toward achieving a building renovation or new construction.

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