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St. Cloud Community Approves Construction of New High School

A desire to provide collaborative learning environments that support 21st Century teaching and learning led St. Cloud school administrators, teachers and school board members to work tirelessly to gain the community’s support.

St. Cloud Technical High SchoolAfter years of planning, visioning and a failed referendum attempt, St. Cloud Public Schools earned the community’s support Tuesday to build a new Technical High School on city’s south side. The new 320,000-square-foot high school will serve 1,600 students on a new site located east of Minnesota Highway 15 on 33rd Avenue S.

The new facility will enable St. Cloud to deliver next century learning with student-centered, collaborative and flexible spaces and apply the key principles of crime prevention through environmental design. Watch a video of students sharing what their 21st Century school will look like.

Crews are expected to begin construction on the $104.5 million project that includes a pool and performing arts center in the summer of 2017 with an anticipated opening in the fall of 2019.

A community visioning committee developed the plans after understanding the teaching and learning needs of the 21st Century, crowding at each of the district’s schools, the current rate of growth and projected needs for the future.

During the process, leaders explored a variety of options. They discovered that the current facility’s inflexibility and outdated systems prevent the school from meeting educational needs and creating the welcoming space they desired. The mechanical systems also are at risk of failing and replacement parts are no longer available.

IIW Minnesota partnered with Cuningham Group Architects to work alongside the community visioning committee and St. Cloud Area Public Schools. Cuningham Group Architects and IIW Minnesota will provide architectural and structural services for the project.

“This has been a long-awaited project for our local community,” said David Leapaldt, senior architect and leader of IIW Minnesota. “This new facility will give educational leaders the tools they desire to promote collaboration and deliver 21st Century learning. We’re excited to be a part of this important community project and see the impact it will have for new generations of students.”