IIW Minnesota

McCarthy Lynch Apartments

These college apartments naturally step into the sloped landscape while taking advantage of the spectacular downtown and river views.

McCarthy Lynch Apartments

McCarthy Lynch Apartments are home to 84 students at Loras College each year. Both the apartments and the outdoor plaza were designed to take advantage of the spectacular views over downtown Dubuque and the Mississippi River.

Using the existing steeply sloping topography as part of the design criteria, David Leapaldt designed a series of four-bedroom apartments that step down the hill. A central tower ties together two separate wings and a series of outdoor walkways.

The facility is heated and cooled by a geothermal well system under the parking lots tied to individual heat pumps within each of the apartments.

As the site sits at the top of a steep roadway, heavy rains would overrun the storm sewer system causing flooding and other problems at the bottom of the hill. As a part of the new complex, a series of parking lots containing rain gardens and elevated catch basin inlets were designed to step down the hill and drastically slow the flow of storm water into the system.

The student residence complex is located on a parking lot site identified in the college’s Master Plan as the location for a student residence.

*Work performed by David Leapaldt while Principal at Grooters, Leapaldt Tideman Architects PC.